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Welcome to the Official Adventures of Rex and Sasha Website

Meet Agents Rex and Sasha


Rex is a mutt with a big heart. He loves burying bones, playing ball, and spending time with his human, Rose. 

When it comes time to go undercover and accomplish his missions, Rex is also the leader. He knows what to do and how to get the job done. 


Sasha is an orange tabby. She often makes fun of Rex's dog-activities, but they are actually best of friends. 

Sasha looks up to Rex during missions and trusts him with her life. She's able to get into small places and has brilliant ideas. 

About the Creators

Maximiliano Silva came up with the idea for The Adventures of Rex and Sasha at the age of six, after being inspired to write and publish his own book. He worked with his mom to get all of his ideas turned into a fun adventure for other children and released the book for his seventh birthday. 

Max enjoys spending time with family, creative activities, and has a tarantula, Fuzzy, and two dogs. 
Katelyn Silva is a 3x bestselling author and the author of several more under a pen name. She is the founder of The Author Mentor, helping writers who have struggled for 10+ years to finally write and publish a bestselling book.

What if your pet had a secret?

Rex and Sasha are your average neighbor dog and cat, burying bones and climbing trees. But when the evil parrot Pokey makes a terrible plan to take over human minds, they put on their secret agent gear to stop him. 

They must race against the clock along with their fellow fox agent, Belles, to stop Pokey's plot, save their humans, and make it home before those humans realize they've been gone!

Will they succeed?
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